Student’s questioned DUSU on supporting student’s after Mock Test Failure

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Since Delhi University is going ahead with the Open book examination or OBE for final year student’s, Student community and Student bodies along with teacher’s association have come together and raising issues unitedly but Student’s have not seen any positive reply from our DUSU members who have a support from ABVP.

Today, two SGGSCC students Mandeep singh along with Agam Singh wrote letter to Akshit Dahiya, President DUSU and raising their concerns on the open book Mock test conducted by delhi university.

Letter to Akshit Dahiya

The procedure for conducting mock tests begun, which was a complete failure on the part of the University’s administration and thousands of students also took to social media to express their concern and grief regarding the same. I myself, raised my voice as the representative of the students regarding the same through numerous social media channels and videos. I have been constantly advocating to scrap OBE and prevent experimentation on the final year students.
However, it disappoints me that the DUSU has failed to support its students and have not addressed the student’s concern regarding the same.
No meeting has been called by the DUSU, and even the results of prior meeting have not borne any fruit. The EC and DUSU’s meeting with the Dean of Examinations has also been of no benefit to the students. Several students gave their suggestions to your committee, but no substantive action has been taken on your end. There is no social media presence by the DUSU, with the students to campaign against the ONE
As the representative of students of Sri Guru Gobind Singh College of Commerce, it is with great regret that I say that the DUSU has not lived up to its reputation of advocating for its students who voted for them and put their great trust in them to fight for their rights and equality. But as they say, it’s never too late and I still request you to please rise to the occasion and join the cause against OBE and fulfil your responsibilities.

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