Students choice: Is this the one for me?

We often ask this question, ”Is this the one for me? Or this is what I deserve?”

Well, as the admission season has set in, Delhi University aspirants are definitely asking this question often these days. With the high standards set by the varsity, more and more students are feeling the pressure of getting themselves into renowned college.

However, the limited number of seats leads the college to choose the students.

The most overrated myth among the students is that to secure a good job they need to get an admission in a particular college. But this isn’t true. Its one of the factor that will decide your future, but these days employers looks more for skills like, team work, time management, organizing, leadership and so on.

College is one of the most exciting part of a journey. You learn, make friends and most importantly you make memories. Memories that are going to stay with you for a long time.

So, choosing a perfect college according to your needs can be quite a task so here are some tips that may help you to make a right decision:

1.List of Good Colleges

A list can help you a long way. Once you know the course you want, then making a list of colleges offering that course by their prestige is not a difficult task.


2. Location

Its another factor that a student needs to consider very carefully. The college should be in a good locality so that the environment around the college is also safe.
The students staying in the college hostels have other things to keep in mind.

3. Faculty matters the most

‘‘Who’s gonna attend the classes anyway?’’, the common thing to hear. But trust me this isn’t true. With the varsity making attendance an important aspect of college life, it is very crucial to have a professional guide to score good marks. A good teacher can make you fall in love with the subject whereas a bad one can do some major damage.

4. Cultural societies

During college life, societies plays a important part where the students face real life challenges and learns a lot from there. Students gets to meet a lot of new people of different departments and also, learn skills like time management, planning, organizing, problem solving and leadership skills. To have a better experience of real life, you should make sure that the college has any societies that interests you and are capable of providing the exposure you need.

5. Campus Placement

Every college of Delhi University provides you the placement facility but the thing that matters is, are they good enough to give a kick start to one’s career? College is surely all fun and exciting but most of us would like to be financially independent and employed by a good company. Most of the college’s reputation is based on campus placements.

6. Chance to Shine

Its not all about academics because the best part is still left. Delhi University put a great emphasis on extracurricular that allows a student to explore their talent and skills to new extends.

These are few tips that can help you settle down for a college of your caliber and interests. Taking a random decision because your friends is also going to the same college is not going to help you. Think before you make an this decision for the betterment of career and life in general.

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