Stocks touching lower limit to add in your watch list today

In the volatile Indian stock market, hunting for ideal stock is difficult yet some shares can be kept in the watch list today. Falling stock prices attract many investors, they wait for the right time to invest.

It is in the nature of shares to fall and rise, a wise investor does not get carried away with market swings but uses money at the right time to invest and exits at the right time.

Here are some of the shares to be added in your watch list today:
  • Reliance Communication –  Reached almost a 52 weeks low of Rs 1.35
  • Reliance Power –  Reached almost a 52 weeks low of Rs 9.7
  • Anupam Finserv –  Reached almost a 52 weeks low of Rs 1.52
  • Earum Pharmaceuticals  –  Reached almost a 52 weeks low of Rs 2.19
  • GV Film –  Reached almost a 52 weeks low of Rs .40


Share trading is subject to market risks, study carefully before you invest in any stock. Investing in the stock market would be completely your decision and profits and losses are associated with it. DU Assassins would not be held responsible for profits or losses you incur. The objective of this article is knowledge sharing.

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