Every year, hundreds of students enrol themselves under the sports category at Delhi University. However, the number of applicants has increased considerably this year. Around 1560 admissions have been this year. This number has been highest in the past three years. Additionally, the officials are now grappling over the 345 seats that are vacant under the quota.

A senior university official said that in the first two admission list, the pool of national level and state level athletes have been exhausted. Currently, the officials are mulling over the decision of whether to release a third admission list for district level players or not.

Speaking to TOI, Pankaj Sinha, chairperson of DU Sports Council, said, “Our aim is to offer admissions to the best sportsperson from across the country. With around 345 seats vacant, we are wondering to go down to district level players or not. We are reassing the situation and even talking to the colleges. Consultations shall be taken into the account and the council will make a democratic decision. ”

Sinha also highlighted the delayed admission process for sports category. He stated that, “In some instances, students have already taken admission in other varieties. Therefore, despite qualifying the admission criterion, students did not took admission in Delhi University. However, in many cases, especially among the female aspirants, accommodation issues have played a major role. Hostel crunch is a factor which can be hopefully resolved in the future. This will help in attracting more talent.”

“Allotments to the various colleges across the 27 sports were done on the basis of ranks. After the first two lists, 1564 admissions under sports quota are done. Now, it is to be seen whether to let go the vacant seats or release another list.”

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