Hey peeps out there count down to the arrival of the Annual treasure hunt of SPOON DELHI UNIVERSITY and Guess what it’s your Favourite “FOODY TREASURE HUNT-SPOON SCOUTS 4.0”.

For the last 3 years, SPOON DELHI UNIVERSITY has been continuing to crave college students for a mouth-watering ride of food and adventure.

Continuing the trend of its own and staying true to its Treasure Hunt, this time too the hunt will be cantered at HUDSON LANE. Students from all over The University of Delhi, as well as those who are not part of it, will take part in this day-long adventure where excitement raising segments includes solving riddle, navigating their way through Hudson Lane.

Want to have this never-before kind of experience?

Then SPOON’S TREASURE HUNT is surely for you.

To indulge yourself and participate in the exciting foodie adventure, one can register through social media handles of Spoon University, Delhi Chapter. Following which, one needs to go through the online round. The first sixty teams to solve the clue will be eligible for the offline round to be held on October 4th starting right from 2:30 PM, at Hudson Lane, GTB Nagar. All teams that qualify the online round will then become a part of a bigger-better-tastier hunt for lots of prizes and food.


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