SOFICA & UDYAMITA Organizes Workshop on Time Management

“Manage your time, or time will manage you.”⏱

Keeping in mind the importance and need of time management skills , a time management workshop was organized by SOFICA(FIC) and udyamita(E-cell)exclusively for its members. The session was taken by convenor of Both the cells, Dr. Jasmine Kaur Lamba along with Ms. Gurneet kaur.

The beginning of the session was marked with a small coordination exercise. Following, a few riddles and a small video highlighting the importance of time in one’s life. The instructor therein explained, how the same set of 24 hours can be effectively and efficiently utilized by a person through a matrix based on important/unimportant- urgent/non-urgent nature of routine tasks. 💯

The session was based on scientific facts and researches, such as the 21 days rule and importance of 10pm-5am sleep, giving students an insight into the human psychology and how it deals with different situation and tasks.

The session was undertaken to widen or change the perspective of the audience altogether and help them make the most out of their time. It was followed by a doubt session, where doubts were taken both publicly as well as personally .
In all, it was a fun yet knowledgeable session.🤩💯

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