Soaring DU Cutoffs create disparity between state boards

DU admission committee plans to reduce disparity between various state boards concerned with high soaring DU cutoffs.

The existing merit based admission process is being criticized for being unfair for students from a number of different state boards across the country. Santosh Kumar, a faculty member from Sri Ram College of Commerce duly notes that over the years, admission trends show a marked increase in the number of students gaining admissions from CBSE, ISC and south Indian state boards of Kerala and Tamil Nadu while not a single student from Uttar Pradesh or Chattisgarh state boards made it to the college, this past year.
A number of suggestions have been made to correct this disparity, one of them being to advice CBSE, ISC and certain state boards to refrain from artificial inflation of marks leading to high cut offs.

The DU admission committee has sent a proposal to the standing committee of the university to introduce a new formula of cutoff in the upcoming sessions of graduation. This would reduce the marks of DU aspirants from CBSE by 10%. Many of the state board students from Rajasthan, Haryana, and Madhya Pradesh etc would benefit from this measure.

This proposal is getting mixed reactions from DU aspirants and their parents from across the country. Some members within Delhi University’s Standing Committee itself are opposed to the proposal leading to further delay in its approval.

The theory to practical ratio followed by most state boards is 60:40 while DU evaluates marks on a 70:30 ratio, leading to this disparity and undue advantage to certain boards.
While the debate continues, college officials involved in the admission procedure maintain their stand. “We follow the DU norms for admission. It is merit-based and we don’t differentiate students based on their boards. Our primary motive is to make the students we get better. As far as the disparity is concerned, it is something the HRD ministry should look into.” a senior official from Lady Shri Ram College for women was quoted saying.

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