Rotaract Club of Young Visionaries – An Organisation Full of Opportunities

At RCYV we try to be the change we want to see

For over a century now, Rotary International has established its name as the most influential service club worldwide. In its illustrious history, a major decision was taken in 1968, with the inception of Rotaract as youth program which

engaged 18-30 year olds to develop leadership and skills while serving the society.

Rotaract that stands for “Rotary in Action” aims to provide opportunities for personal and group activities to serve the community and promote international understanding and goodwill towards everyone. The actions of Rotaract are based on the knowledge and understanding of the needs, problems, and opportunities in the community and worldwide.

Our club, Rotaract Club of Young Visionaries (RCYV), joined the community of over 30 lakh change makers in October 2015. This community-based club came into existence under the aegis of the Rotary Club of Delhi Rendezvous (parent club) and is a part of Rotary District 3011. Our Club comprises a large number of young men and women of various colleges of various universities including University of Delhi and Indraprastha University.

Within three years we have done remarkable work and have secured several feathers in our cap such as:

· Best Club Community 2016-17

· Elite category Award (top most of the five categories)

· Best Rotaract President

· Recognition for Mahadaan 2.0

· PHF title

· Best Bulletin – The Visionnaire (our monthly magazine)

These accolades are a result of our humble contribution to the society through our events like:

· Academia
This event aimed at providing education along with the basic practical knowledge of computers to the unprivileged children. Our volunteers engaged in this activity for over a month and not only quenched the thirst of inquisitive kids who wished to learn but also gained a sense of content by the end of summer 2017.

Check out pictures :

· Varshaganatha
RCYV organizes Happy Birthday Bharat- Varshaganatha every year to throw a Birthday Bash for all the little kids who never get to celebrate their birthdays. With happy smiles, gifts, sweets, and lots of laughter, this event turns out to the most fun and fulfilling experience.

Check out pictures :

· Viarata
A Food donation drive from India Gate to Laal Qila, where members drove on bicycles and distributed food and drinks to the needy and destitute who call the city roads their home. Viarata 2.0 too met success!

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· Afreen
A poetry slam poetry competition, that stirred souls on social mores and concerns, beautifully culminating into an “Afreen” space for raw emotions and strong voices. Afreen saw an overwhelming response with a number of enthusiastic participants and applauding audience.

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· Aarogya
Under Aarogya we picked one common disease each month and sensitized the general public about its causes and effects, symptoms and diagnosis, prevention and cure.
It was a year-round online awareness programme that aimed at harnessing the potential of social media in bringing about awareness.

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Blood Donation Camp

We regularly organize a number of BDCs round the year under our project Mahadaan, independently as well as in collaboration with other clubs. We have been recognized for collecting the maximum number of units for the year 2016-17.

· Vikrant
What better way to Foster team spirit than to play a sport! Vikrant envisioned clubs coming together, to bond as well as compete in sports like badminton and cricket.

Check out pictures :

· V R OK, R U OK?
Pacific Mall Subhash Nagar saw our members lending an ear to whoever had anything to share! Just a little talk therapy to relieve one of their stress, anxiety, and sorrows. This event focused on mental well-being in everyday life that plagues common folks.

Check out pictures :

With the new tenure of RCYV approaching soon, it’s a perfect opportunity to be a part of this crazy family that shares your dreams and aspirations. There is more than one reason to join us:

▪ You will get certificates for your presence and contribution at each event. These can serve as recognition for your experience in a special/certain area.
▪ The sheer joy of being part of something that goes beyond our self-satisfied existence. You will have the opportunity to bring yourself in a closer liaison with the society.
▪ A chance to not just ‘Be the Change’ but ‘Lead the Change’. You shall get to manage/ head events.
▪ Exposure to a network of students and youth creates a space for learning to broaden your horizons.

One eye to the past, one eye to the future we aspire to re-engineer our previous projects into solid ventures. At the same time moving into areas that need focus and attention with fresh zeal!

Join us:

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