Re-evaluation of CBSE Paper reflect changes in DU admission

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There is  a slightest hope for students  to get admission in their desirable courses in DU. As this time due to rise in percentage after reevaluation of class XII CBSE paper results have a great effect on DU admission process.
According to the report around 50 thousand students from seven region of CBSE have applied for reevaluation . In the process of reevaluation students marks increased up to 4% which is quite shocking as it create a huge difference in their current percentage. One of the CBSE official also stated that during reevaluation of paper some of students marks increased  up to 50 marks.
On this circumstances the Chief  Justice Gita Mittal and Justice C Hari Shankar said there was a possibility of change in merit position of the students who had applied for re-evaluation, thus making them eligible for admissions. Even DU Officials also given their approval on the above statement with the condition that they will provide admission based on previous cutoff to the student only if seats are available in the colleges .
Which is quite correct as DU already released it’s second cutoff and most of the seats are already filled up . But in this situation DU Officials are not in the tough situation . The  students situation is a tough one . As there future is on line but not only did they spend their several hours in studying but also spend a handsome amount of money for reevaluation.
– The  reevaluation paper ‘s amount  are as follows :-
1) verification :- 500
2) copy of the paper :- 700
3) checking of per question :- 100]
After the re-evaluation also students are not sure that they will get admission in the desired courses or colleges , which is quite harsh on them.
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