A rat snake was spotted at Raja garden based Shivaji college of Delhi university on Wednesday afternoon .Quite unexpectedly a visitor caused a commotion at the college by noticing the snake . The student and staff got pain strike after seeing nearly 5 foot long rat snake in the campus , the administration spoke about the same issue with Hemant Lamba being the administration officer quoted ” Some students saw the snake in the lawn and immediately informed us. We alerted the NGO on its 24-hour helpline[9871963535] , as adviced by the same NGO we kept a keen eye on the movements and whereabouts from a safe distance till the team consisting of two members arrived . The reptile was so rescued by the rapid response unit and is currently under observation .

To the relief of students and staff members the rescue operation turned out to be successful but the commotion however did not end here , as the team rescued another rat snake from a house in Lajpat Nagar’s Jal vihar colony .

Both snakes are currently under observation , after the whole incident a statement was issued by the Co founder of wildlife SOS Kartick Satyanarayan saying “very few snake species in Delhi are actually venomous and even they will not attack until provoked or threatened. Though harmless, rat snakes are swift and easily excitable, and may bite if threatened. Therefore, there is great need to exercise caution while carrying out such rescues”.

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