As you all know only couple of weeks are left in the outbreak of 2019. Once again thousands of students are dreaming to be a part of this wonderful and a prosperous university and are ready to be a part of this race. All are working hard for this but just working is not enough in today’s world of competition. So here are some amazing tricks to score high this semester.

The very first thing you should keep in the mind is to always go for syllabus and marks preparation. In the exams your marks are not going to count not your knowledge so prepare those topics which contain high weightage and read all the previous year question paper to get a rough idea about the paper.secondly focus on your health. If you are healthy  then only you can appear in so eat healthy, sleep properly and do various exercises like yoga , meditation etc for relaxation.

Time management is also very important. Prepare your own notes for revision. You should study in such a manner that you could manage your time well during exams while attempting the questions. Those who can’t go through whole syllabus then just go through among those topics that are confirmed for the exams. In the end one should not forget to revise what one has done throughout the year.

If there is no last moment revision there might be a possibility of getting blank after seeing the paper. So be confident and get started for your exam journey and remember that you all have all the amazing qualities.

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