Preparation and checklist for your first day in college life

Preparation and checklist for your first day in college life

Who doesn’t feel thrilled for the first day of the college? We all know the excitement a person feels when it is the beginning of something new and when it comes to starting the college life, the teens get extremely excited and nervous at the same time as it is the beginning of a whole new experience. Meeting new people, building friendships, learning things, presenting ones skills and many more things make a student curious for the first day of college. A student starts preparing for the same since the time he/she completes schooling and becomes ready to start a new journey. He/she want their first day and their first impression to be really impactful on others, may it be the professors or the new friends that they make. The preparations for the same start a long before the college starts. But there are some really important things to keep in mind while you make preparations for the day.

Dress Up Decently  

For you to make a good impression in front of the professors and the new people that you meet, it is very important to dress up in the correct manner. Choose an attire that is neither too high key nor too low key. Try to pair something up with the denims because that looks cool yet decent.  So, it will be a perfect for the first day of your college life. You can show off your fashion sense in the college events too but the chance to create the first impression a good one won’t come again and again.

Look for your body language

The body language of a person speaks more than his/her words. It is important to look for one’s gestures and maintain a proper body language in front of others especially on the first day as it is important for us to have our first impression to be good in front of the new people we connect to.

Try to Connect More

Instead of being busy with your phone, try to connect to more and more people. That will help you know people better and decide whom you can have a bond with. Connecting with people is really important especially on the very first day as it gives you a great exposure. Even if you are an introvert, atleast try to communicate.

Don’t get Overexcited  

Overexcitement often leads to problems, may it be for anything. People often make huge mistakes or speak useless things in front of other people due to overexcitement and create a wrong impression of them. So, being excited is good but being overexcited isn’t. Being careful about what you speak is important.

Be Youself

You do not have to change your behavior or the way you are for others. Just be in your own skin and show your real self to the people. You do not have to be extra sweet or polite just to be friends with new people because those friendships do not last. The people who will like you as you are deserve to be a part of your group.

Worry less, Explore more

It is completely understood that the first day of college is filled with mixed emotions ranging from nervousness to excitement but you will have to deal with those emotions. You should be calm and composed and not worry about things as they will settle in place slowly. You should instead put your focus in exploring various fields you can participate in for your overall development such as college societies.

We all have been under the Covid situation since more than an year now due to which students haven’t been able to visit colleges physically. Instead, all the things from orientation to exams happened online and no one has an idea of until when will the colleges continue online but the new batches will still start and have their first day in college, may it be online. So, this checklist can still be followed and preparations have to be made to present yourself in a better manner in front of others.

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