Police Complaint filled against DU VC for Leaking student’s data

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The University have not secured the personal data of students which they have submitted to university with complete trust.

The admit card of students have their personal information on We roll number, date of birth name which is enough for a layman who can even put a little technical efforts by changing URL and can easily locate these information from university website as they are so easily available and not properly secured, further these information can be used for taking more information like Adhar card number, bank account number, residential address of student from college website through his/her admission form which again creates more problems for students.

The personal information of students can be accessed very easily and a can be issued for wrong purposes. The institute which have eminence tag is working in such carries manner that it doesn’t care about the security of the students and many students are now receiving calls from unknown numbers due to which they are under fear and mental pressure

Now the university which is considered to be one of the best university in India and which is working such way that it can not protect personal data of its students, which students submit to university with complete trust that will not be made public.


The trust is breached by University and it is hindering the privacy of students. With such important Information of Students which now easily be accessed can bring threat to students such data came to the knowledge of any anti-social elements.

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