students must try these things

Delhi University admissions are in full swing and for many aspirants, extra curricular activities such as theatre, dance and music are a major factor in deciding which college they apply to. Certain college societies are even known for their legacy of catapulting people to fame. 

For Pew Banerjee, a theatre aspirant, choosing Kirori Mal College (KMC) was necessary to have any future in theatre.“Theatre groups and companies hunt for students in certain societies and KMC is one of them”. Boasting of alumni like Bollywood actor Vijay Raaz, KMC’s theatre society — The Players — is highly sought after. S. Karthiik Srinivasan, an Extra Curricular Activities (ECA) student in Hansraj College, said that the music society of the college was the main reason he decided to come here.“As a percussionist, I knew I had to choose a college that had a good music society and Hansraj was at the top of my list”. While theatre enthusiasts flock to KMC, acappella performers often apply to Lady Shri Ram College.

Every year, unofficial lists of Delhi University societies are put up on blogs and websites that covert he university space, which help students make their choices.