If there’s one style of fashion that is constantly linked to Indian fashion, it’s the Patiala suit or Punjabi salwar.

It is one of the oldest type of Indian Salwar kameez. This beautiful designed clothing was coined in the former Patiala kingdom in the state of Punjab and it was a royal dress for the kings of Punjab, it requires almost double length of cloth to be made as compared to normal salwar. Patiala suit was initially an attire for men; however, with time it mainly became a part of a woman’s dress. Before moving onto its deep history let us tell you what exactly a Patiala suit is.

Patiala is a loosely fitted Pyjama that has lots of pleats at the lower part. The pleats are sewn in a manner that they bump into the ankle. It is the loose shower of cloth which makes a remarkable feel. The top that is the Kurta which is then accompanied by Dupatta comes in various designs, but it is the Salwar that is the bottoms make the trademark look of Patialas. The salwar is generally teamed with a Kurti or kameez.

The major town where this unique style of clothing is created and widely practised in Patiala, a small town in Punjab. Generations of weavers from Punjab have been into stitching the Patiala salwar owing to the popularity the outfit enjoyed down for the ages.

Punjabi women too are involved in the making and styling of the Patiala Salwar who come up with the innovative ideas with changing Fashion trends. 


Modern Day patialas salwar/suit is decorated with new designs and styles that make them modern, yet retain their traditional charm. The outfit has evolved to be designed with adding new designs to them through using contemporary prints, motifs, embellishments and embroideries. They customize the salwars as per the preference of the wearer. Their loose and baggy style make them ultra-comfortable and since they can be made from different fabrics, they stand a good choice for every season.

The maintenance of the Patiala suit is easy also as they are durable and easy to maintain. A lot of designers in India are providing the latest collection of Patiala suits which are preferred by the youngster and middle-aged ladies too. The latest trend in Patiala suit takes into account of a tightly fitted kameez and loosely sewed salwar with even more pleats than usually attached. And lots of beads work on the suit that provides the gorgeous and amazing look.

Today you can see colourful Patiala suits that are accentuated with flowers and other designs.

All in all, these latest styles in the traditional Patiala suits are must since everyone wants their outfits to be updated with the current scenarios in regards to style and fashion.

Patiala suit will remain to be one of the most loved outfits in India that surely brings the best fashion out of each and every Indian. If you are interested in buying these kinds of outfits then it’s just a matter of seconds, go online and choose the best Patiala suit that matches your taste and is ideal for your personality.