NSUI clarifies “No one officially filed petition in SC against UGC Guidelines”


New Delhi : The Supreme Court on Thursday heard the plea challenging the UGC Guidelines to compulsory conduct Final year exam’s by September end. The plea will be taken up by Justice Ashok Bushan on Monday.

The Central Government stated in the hearing that the similar plea have already been dismissed by Supreme Court today. According to Central Govt, plea was filed by NSUI.

On the other hand, NSUI officially states that no one have filled petition officially in the Supreme Court and legal action will be taken against those who have misused NSUI name.

The petition is against the latest UGC Guidelines and demand to scrap final year exam’s. Advocate Alok have also filed similar petition.

Aaditya Thakrey petition is also Similar to this matter. Secratary of Yuva sena confirmed that there advocate have requested SC to the list the matter together on Monday.

Next hearing will be heard on Monday, 27 July along with the petition of 31 Student’s frok different states.

Delhi High Court will also analyse the situation and will wait for SC order. If any order comes in the favour of Student’s then the dynamics of the case will be changed in the entire country.

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