Nishant Aggarwal, a senior systems engineer working with Brahamos Aerospace unit at butibori near to Nagpur, leaked data. He was arrested today because the leaked technical information to Pakistan and ISI agents. He was working in a joint operation by Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra Anti-Terrorism Squads (ATS) at Brahmos wardha road facility, it was reported by an ATS official from Nagpur. He initially belonged to Rorkee, Uttrakhand and was very young scientist honored by ’Young Scientist Award’ for the year 2017-18.

He was also the head of Hydraulics-pneumatics and warheaded integration wing of bramhos production department. He was honey trapped by ISI agents. ATS had a close watch on fake facebook accounts of women which were controlled from Pakistan, and were chatting with people working at sensitive places. Two such accounts are found and it is being investigated that was being shared through these accounts. On investigation a computer was sieved from his residence at Nagpur containing some secret documents, and one old computer from residence at his native town too.

He used a ‘coded game’ to send crucial information to ISI agents. The codes were later on descript then encrypted  into. For further investigation he would be taken to unlock now on transit. He was arrested by the police team at his rented residence building Nagpur. They reached there by 5:30 am and were there till 5pm. Other details will be provided after further investigated.


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