Revision work is going on and soon the revised draft will be published.

New Delhi: The ball has been set in motion to introduce a new curriculum for undergraduate courses in Delhi University (DU) as the first draft of the revised curriculum for almost all the courses that are being taught across DU colleges is going to be published soon.

Dr C.S. Dubey, chairman, UG Curriculum Revision Committee, told The Sunday Guardian: “Following the University Grants Commissions (UGC) guidelines, every department of DU had set up the committees and subcommittees consisting of domain experts to draft a revised curriculum for the undergraduate courses. The work of revision is going on at full swing and soon all the departments will be able to publish the revised draft of the curriculum. Further suggestions will be evaluated and incorporated in the courses and a final revised curriculum will be released.”

The Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) had proposed implementation of a new curriculum which can promote modern teachings and a market-friendly learning in colleges that come under DU. Taking forward the idea of the MHRD, the UGC had issued a notice that the revision of existing curriculum should be complete before May and the new curriculum should be implemented from the new academic session.

“I am happy to inform you that almost all the departments have logged in on the ‘UG revised Courses Dashboard’ and are about to complete the first draft of the syllabus. The Dashboard will facilitate transparent and faster development of the new revised syllabus for the UG courses of DU and will include revision of 76 courses and more than 2,100 papers in different subjects. Also, the DU is going to implement these courses from the academic session 2019-20,” Dubey said.

“The clear instruction for keeping the Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) (modified 2015) structure intact has been given to all the departments concerned of DU that are involved in the revision process. Also, the revised syllabus will be modeled as per the Learning Outcomes-based Curriculum Framework (LOCF) guidelines which include learning outcome based approach for curriculum development and planning,” Dubey said.

According to Dubey, the stress is on providing global information, promotion of global perspective of studies, technology-driven learning, promotion of reasoning and logic and market-friendly education.

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