Myths Vs Reality: Open Learning edition

Are you planning to get your degree from a distance learning education setup like School of Open Learning?
Are you worried if you made the right choice?
Here you will find some widely acclaimed myths about open education busted.

1. Myth: The course syllabi is easier than the traditional course
Reality: Same degree equals same amount of course syllabi. So open learning will give you the exact amount of course material to prepare as they do for traditional degrees.

2.Myth: The degree has no value, hence no job
Reality: Degrees received from open schools of learning and traditional educational setups have the exact same value in the job market. So don’t you worry about not making a career leap once you graduate.

3. Myth: Lack of support
Reality: Despite the fact that open learning courses have lesser classroom based learning, in case of any doubts, the professors are always available to clear the air. The only need is to approach them whenever required.

4. Myth: Too easy to procrastinate
Reality: Since there is no burden of regular submission of assignments and practicals, one may assume that taking a degree from an open University promotes procrastination in the students. Ironically, since the course material is exactly the same, one needs to put double efforts because one is one’s own teacher here.

5. Myth: Open Learning is for who could not get into traditional colleges.
Reality: A majority of those who opt for Distance education are the one’s otherwise engaged in other courses or working . Hence, the system is not for the academically wrak students but for anyone who wishes to get an educational degree.

So, if you are enrolled into one of the open learning programs or wish to do so, you are in for a great learning experience.

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