The Delhi University (DU) administration had recently requested the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) for ₹5000 crore for the purpose of construction of several buildings in the university. This proposal, was however shut down and was declared to be “unjustifiable” and “over hyped”.

The administration had submitted a quotation for the construction of the buildings and had calculated an average cost of construction of ₹7000 per metre square. This was objected by the DU finance committee.

The DU community has been raising the issue of funds crunch at various platforms, but has not bothered to spend the existing funds in their pockets. Instead, these funds were returned to the University Grants Commission (UGC)

A member of the DU finance committee claimed that the administration had failed to use the existing ₹300 crore it had received for the construction of buildings and other development work. This was returned to the UGC

The approximate of ₹7000 given by the administration is actually thrice of the existing rates of current market rates available for the construction of any building in Delhi. In the finance committee meeting, the DU administration had also sought for clearance of old bills of contractors, but the finance committee members questioned the validity of its demand as some of these bills are pending for over three decades.