Aspirants of DU’s Delhi School of Journalism are planning to go to court against the university for “not providing facilities” to them.

The aspirants have been holding complaint against the administration and about not getting any facilities by the university. They say their rights are frequently disobeying for the past one-and-a-half years. An aspirant said that they are charged the highest fee in the whole University of Delhi. Even after that, they are destitute of media labs and other facilities.

Mohammad Ali, a Delhi School of Journalism aspirant said that they are in their third semester. Even now, the facilities that they were guaranteed in their prospectus haven’t been given to them. They either want the administration to pay back their money or they will take them to court.

These protesting aspirants said that they have to hammer on the doors of the vice-chancellor and the registrar for their rights, but they have only got disappointment everywhere.

Aspirants talk with senior lawyer Prashant Bhushan and he gave affirmation to help aspirants in any way possible.