JNUSU ballots: ABVP, NSUI allegate raise in poll share


The ABVP and the NSUI alleged on Sunday their poll share has raised over the years in Jawaharlal Nehru University Student’s Union (JNUSU) election and they will continue their fight for rights of aspirants.

The remarks of both the parties came after a concerted front of 4 left aspirant groups Sunday won all 4 central panel posts in JNUSU election, by beating the RSS affiliated ABVP with enormous margins.

The left-backed All India Student’s Association (AISA), Democratic Student’s Federation (DSF), Student’s Federation of India (SFI) and All India Student’s Federation (AISF) came together to form the “United Left” alliance.

After the results were declared, the ABVP said it was trust shown by aspirants towards the party that forced the left parties to counterfeit an alliance.

ABVP alleged that its poll share has raised over the years. They added that. ABVP as a strong opposition will continue its work for aspirant welfare, national welfare, and social welfare.

A member of left bloc alleged that the poll share of ABVP declined in science schools, which has been their strongholds traditionally.

Usually, the ABVP applicant used to lead the left applicant in science schools by a margin of 200-250 votes but on Saturday, they were leading by a slender margin of 30-40 votes.

The Congress backed NSUI said they will continue their fight for rights of aspirants. Last year, their presidential applicant had only got 82 votes but their presidential applicant Vikas Yadav polled 402 votes this year.

We will continue our fight for aspirants. We are fighting against the RSS. Our poll share has raised and the campus has given us approval. Our applicant Vishnu Prasad won the councilor’s post in the School Of International Studies after 14 years, which is remarkable,” said Sunny Mehta, NSUI coordinator at JNU.

Thalapelli Praveen, the presidential applicant of BAPSA (Birsa Ambedkar Phule Students Association), who balloted 675 polls, said their party would extend support to the elected students’ union.

“BAPSA congratulates the left unity for winning the JNUSU Elections 2018-19. We extend our full cooperation to the elected students union to strengthen the aspirant’s movement to defeat the Brahmanical and social fascism,” he posted on Facebook.

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