Street plays are the way of representing the revolting thoughts regarding the injustices or to support some new cause which will be beneficiary to the society.
Due to which the growth of street play have immensely evolved in recent time . Many Universities have bunch of good dramatic societies which produce different and innovative street plays.

DU also blessed with some of the brilliant dramatic societies which have given a variety of plays  but to understand better about them , I started searching their prons and cons of it and come across one of the comment that DU is closed and elitist space [elitist is actually mean to favour the person or group of person who are rich or powerful] . So to understand it better I tried to set parameters to see that :- Is DU’s dramatic societies are providing a worth watching street play or not ?

Spontaneity is one of the defining feature of a street play . It basic mean is to adapt to the immediate situation, reactions to the movements and sounds around, on the spot improvisation and snappiness make it audience friendly theatre. So according to me , the street play which are presented in Medina have quite spontaneity . For the reader’s Medina is a cultural fest and this year judges added a twist in the performance that team members are switched in a way that the seniors have to play with other team member and junior have to play the act which they have prepared beforehand.

It is important to keep the creativity of prop updated . As prop can be used in many way ,if we see it with different perspective. What I have seen in the street play of DU is that they have a unique style to use prop. But somewhere I realized that they have not much evolved from the time being .

After realizing the fact that they are not evolving the concept much , I started to notice that there are small efforts and changes which I never notice before ,as it is easy to lost in the harmony of the show. So It is wrong to say that there is no effort that they put in creating different use of view because if you watch carefully you find that they try used the concept many time but it is overshadowed by the signature step which is set before .

Body Theatre basically mean making various structures and tableaus with the use of the body of actors is an amazing part of the street theatre. It adds more energy and visual impact to the performances.

Recently I watched the performance Raqs ,dramatic society of Kalindi College . It is all girls group. It is quite amazing and shocking when I was watching them , as there performance was so striking which give me a goose bumps. They not only use their voices but also used their bodies part to represent strong gesture of their emotion. It was quite appropriate and strong that I was stunned by it .

From the street plays that I watched I come to the conclusion that they have quite a good skill in this parameter.


Customary percussion instruments like “Dholak” and “dhapali” are used to create music and sound effects. The simple clap of hand also creates amazing impact in the play. So no doubt that the play produce by DU colleges have not lacked in this field. As they use percussion in more fun and innovative way which make raise audience’s heart beat crazily . They not only use it as one of the necessity but from the audience point of view it feel like a soul of the body .

If you love street play then you know that energy play a quite important role in making the play successful . According to me whenever I watch any DU’s street play it feel like that the energy that they are emitting is transferring to me. Also , I find it one of the unique point of there play which make it different from other plays.

So from the above parameters , I found DU’s street plays worth watching .
Now let us talk about the criticism that this dramatic societies receive .

Yes , you are thinking right , Are DU really is elitist space ?
Firstly I want to make it clear that elitist is like your actions are favouring the powerful parties or rich people which itself make it a contradiction as it is totally violently the concept of street play.

In this case it is meant to be taking the typical society topics which are sensitive to people’s hearts and ignoring the art of street play.

According to me the list of the plays which I encounter from different colleges of DU are as follows :-

1) Nabbe Second ki Red Light – Dramanomics
This play is toward the beggar of the societies. The play is basically showing the hardship and failure of government effort regarding this matter.

2) Kar-Maa – Shades
This play is the disrespect which we showcase to our mother. It highlighted the concept of the children reciprocating their feeling to mothers.

3) Pyaare Lal Toy Shop – Et cetera 
The play takes a metaphor of a toy shop where every child who underwent the training of ignorance ends up being like a mere meaningless toy with no sense of humanity and judgement.

4) Mannmarziyaan – Abhivyakti
The basic theme of the play is economic materialism and irrational buying. It shows how we have started filling up emotional voids with plastic things.

And this way this long list go on and on. I hope you also notice that the topics are sensitive but not stereotype . They have a sense of justices but they don’t include violence .
Yes it is true that many of the play are typical and violence based like rape, abuse and child labour etc but it is also important to understand that this topic need to be carry forward until every single drop of is left . So that our future generation can live in a safe world. Many of us have different view regarding solving the situation and it is there way to contribute to the society. The fact that acts are based on changing thinking is because if we don’t change our inside then it can’t reflect outside also. So guys what you think about this matter ? Comment down below and let us know your opinion regarding it.

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