As fest invites pile up, and the list of must go’s increases; take a breather and lose control; for FERIA is all ready to set your spirits on fire, with a Korean and Sufi twist.

The Student Union of the Institute of Home Economics, Delhi University brings back to you its annual fest, FERIA2019- A Limitless Crescendo! With a plethora of events and some jam packed fun sessions in store; we invite you to come mask in the glory of FERIA.

With some NAUTANKI and RAAG, little bit of STEP UP with PANACHE, it’s an event one simply cannot afford to miss. In the first ever KPOP night of the University of Delhi, tons of glitz and ‘jangnan’ await you, because going mainstream is not how we do things here at IHE and therefore to present you with authentic k-pop vibes, we are handing over free light sticks and postcards to our roaring crowd. Yes, so gear up with your funkiest pair of sneakers to roll through this amazing event!

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