The excitement and expectations of being in college plummets to ground when you realize that college is exactly like the school we wanted to escape in the first place. So what makes these 3 years, the best days of your life?
The answer is same for all-College Societies. College is always in frenzy because of the countless number of societies and the histrionic shows put on by them. Just the thrill of being a part of these clubs and meeting like-minded people, who from strangers become the people you have been looking for, whole your life.

So from all these innumerable societies, how to choose the perfect one for you?\

1. The Time factor

Keep in mind the time you can devote. Cultural societies are usually very demanding. They require your full dedication and commitment. So before you join any college society, make sure that it is your new priority on the list.

2. Your love and passion

“Where your talent and¬†needs of the world crosses, there lays your vocation”

Make sure the society you choose is your second love.

Passionate about questioning the stereotypical ideology? Then choose the society that challenges your intellect- The Debating society

Good at dancing and desperately looking for a stage and an audience? Look no further since the dancing society gives you the platform to showcase your nimble feet and your flexible moves.

Want your art to define you? Want to paint the world with colors, spread love with your rhythm and the power to change with your stentorian roar? Then be a part of any artistic society, be it fine arts, music or dramatics. Make art your medium to spread love.

Do numbers fascinate you? Nuh-hh it’s not¬†Mathematics. It’s the money that drives you. Choose any business and commerce society and use your entrepreneurial ideas positively.

3. Be aware of the activeness of the societies you join.

Some of the societies exist only¬†for the name’s sake. Societies are not just for enjoyment. They contribute to your personal growth and help you discover your latent potential.

So after going through this article and understanding your need of commitment towards the societies of your choices, just a few more tips-

Make sure you attend all the¬†orientations and meetings, they are the integral part (the backbone) of any society’s functioning. Don’t join too many of them and stick religiously to the ones¬†you choose. Explore as much as you can, meet new people, make friends for life and at the end make sure you come out as a confident individual


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