High Court seeks data from Delhi University on Digital Degrees

delhi high court

Delhi High Court has directed Delhi University to submit information relating to the quantity of students who have applied online for digital degree certificates and the quantity of such certificates that have been given.

The high court was educated that regardless of a legal request, understudies have not been given advanced degrees. “This is totally violative of the request for this court. The timetables as set out in the request dated August 7 will be clung to carefully by DU,” Justice Prathiba M. Singh said.

The high court guided the college to give computerized degree declarations of the two understudies, who documented the supplications, before September 7.

delhi high court

“In the affirmation to be documented by DU, the information identifying with number of students who have applied online for looking for advanced degree authentications and the quantity of computerized degree testaments gave online will be plainly referenced,” the appointed authority said.

“In the affidavit to be filed by DU, the data relating to number of students who have applied online for seeking digital degree certificates and the number of digital degree certificates issued online shall be clearly mentioned,” the judge said.

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