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DU authority particularly the Dean of Examination sent a mail to all the DU students who are supposed to attend OBE for June, warning them to stay away and not become the part of “Help Groups” on telegram and whatsapp. Delhi University Authorities also took action to stop such unfair activities by asking the messaging platform – Telegram to block any such “help” groups.


The Dean Examinations – Mr. D. S. Rawat said that he was alerted of some groups that were made to share some sort of “Study Material”. He asserted that OBE examination does not mean that students can share their answer sheets with each other. All such activities will be regarded as unfair means.

The mail sent by the authorities stated :
“It has come to the notice of the exam branch that a whatsapp/telegram group has been created to take help for Examination. Students are advised not subscribe to any such groups.

We have identified those students, and all these cases will come under unfair means and action will be taken as per university rules.
Dean Examinations”

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