With the admission season set in Delhi University lots of students are facing problems not only with the admission process but also, from the heat and high humidity levels.There are many students that are coming from outside Delhi who basically have no clue about either the location of the college or its rules and regulations. During these times, help desks set by union parties proves to be an asset for the aspirants.

The students volunteering are eager to help and are making efforts to make the process easier for the aspirants. These help desks are set up in every college by different student political parties. Some volunteers are even skipping going home in order to help the students through the chaos.

One can think why the volunteers are going to these lengths? Well, every senior was once a junior. According to Aman yadav, a final year student of Hindu college, “As a fresher, youngsters face a lot of difficulties. I know this because I’ve gone through the same process. During my time, my seniors helped me through the entire admission process. I don’t think I’m doing something great. It’s my responsibility.”

At the same time volunteers get an opportunity to interact with them and even assist them to choose the right course. Whereas some volunteers do it to spend their holidays in a best way possible as they believe that every student should be a part of this activity. Throughout the journey of this season, there are some experiences that even leaves the volunteers emotional.

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