Anxiety and depression are the worst kind of illness one can ever have. The reason for this is that they directly affect the mind of a person and fill it with all the negative thoughts. It makes a person feel uneasy and impatient almost all the time. And in the worst cases, it takes away from a person the desire to live. The causes for anxiety can be various ranging from Environmental to Academic and social. The main reason for anxiety and depression is when a person starts taking everything too seriously. Every small thing starts to hurt him and eventually all those things group up and affect the person’s health and well being. It is a severe mental illness but it can still be cured. Following are some tips to heal anxiety and depression :-


The main reason for anxiety is overthinking and the main time for overthinking is the night because a person gets free from all the work in the night time and thinks about the day spent. Then eventually, he / she starts to notice the negative things that happened in the day and start to stress about the same. So, it is very important for a person suffering from depression to have a correct sleeping schedule. The aim should be to sleep on time and wake up early and to get atleast 8 hours of sleep everyday.


It is proved by medical science that mental illness can also occur due to physical illness and the best way to cure it is to keep the body fit. Exercise will help to get rid of physical illness and meditation will help to relax mind and bring it in a better state. A person suffering from depression should sincerely dedicate at least one hour of the day to Exercise and to meditation.


During the period of anxiety, a person completely forgets to remain happy and therefore forgets about the hobbies which helps him remain happy. Spending me time at such point is very important. It proves out to be very beneficial for a person suffering from anxiety to give time to his/her hobbies because hobby is basically a task that a person enjoys doing and as it provides him a sense of peace. So, a person should devote at least 20 minutes of the day to his/her hobbies.


Unnecessary and useless thoughts usually come when a person is free or sitting idle. Therefore, it is very important to keep yourself occupied may it be work or something you enjoy doing. But, do not engage yourself into stuff that can stress you more. Do things that you like and that helps you relax your mind.


Family is something that a person can’t live without and that stands by a person through thicks as well as thins. Spending time with the family and sharing your problems with them can help you get solutions which you must have not thought about and that prove out to be really helpful to you. If you do not feel like sharing the way you feel with your family, communicate about it to your friends.  Do not let that thing keep hurting you inside, throw it out by talking about it.

We all see around us a lot of people who are stressed or suffering from anxiety and depression. We can easily sense that a person is suffering from depression by noticing the symptoms like loss of appetite, talking less than usual, remaining in their own world all the time, talking negative and many more. So, it is our responsibility to help our loved ones and get them out of this state because our emotional support and do wonders to improve their state. Following are some tips we can follow to get our near ones out from the state of depression :-

  • Surprise them with their favorite meals.
  • Take them out for small trips or vacation.
  • Ask how their day was.
  • Take them out for movie dates or shopping.
  • Motivate them to speak about what’s going inside them even if they do not want to.
  • Show them that they matter to you.
  • Help them in scheduling their routine in the correct manner.
  • Take them to a psychiatrist or motivational speaker in serious cases.

These are really small things that you can do for your dear ones but can benefit them a lot. A person starts to feel happy when he feels important for someone and is taken care of.

Mental Health is not considered to be much important for people but in actual it is the most important one as our mind is the one that gives us the directions for everything but when the mind is upset, all the things become messy. There are many myths and many irrelevant facts in people’s mind related to mental illness and depression that is not letting people come out and talk about it. We are living in 21st century but people still consider a person visiting psychiatrist as mental. More than 15 percent of the population of India is suffering from mental illness, ( mostly women ) but hardly 2-3 percent visit a psychiatrist.  Awareness needs to be spread about Mental health importance and people need to know that it needs to be taken seriously. A sound mental health only leads to a peaceful life.

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