GOOGLE – From Initial to a World Famous Company

GOOGLE is a Multinational Technology based American Company, which is trained in various specialized areas such as cloud computing, Artificial Intelligence, computer hardware and software, search engine and online advertising technologies. It has always topped the list of big companies by managing it to top 5 five companies in the American IT Industry with the other popular companies Apple, Microsoft, Facebook and Meta.

It was founded by the Larry page and Sergey Brin in Menlo Park California, United States on 4th September 1998. It has been started with the two Ph.D. Students from Stanford University. Google was initially funded by the Co-founder of sun Microsystems Andy Bechtolsheim, and more three investors. Since it was an emerging company with new and unique ideas, various companies were interested in investing. The company was opened for public in 2004. The Company has seen a sudden rapid growth when it introduced products and starred partnership with another search engines. It came into lime light when varieties of designed services were introduced such as Google docs, Google sheets, Google slide etc.


Google Analysis


Google has been on the list of top 10 companies of the year in 2008, but soon due the other emerging companies it was out of the list within few months. In the year 2011 Google again appeared on the list and till then it keeps on increasing its market capitalization. Google is maintaining its position by competing with Microsoft and Apple. Since 2015 company managed to be in top 5.

Company provides best services to all of their employees to make sure they remain in the company for many years. They provide security services to them. Importantly, company always focuses and aims to grab attention of the costumer with new schemes, recently introduced the free Google certification courses for their costumer to expand their capitalization.

The Company has been among the best companies since long. It has 2 lakh employees working for them and Company generates revenue of more than 66 billion dollars every year. It has extraordinary team and ideas with which they have launched various new features to attract attention of people. In the past different new fields and ideas were presented by the company i.e., instant messaging and video call service, mapping and navigation, podcast hosting, note taking, photo organizing and editing. Email, scheduling and time management etc.

Google has taken a smart initiative by moving to hardware by Collaborating and partnering with other major electronics manufacturers and produced Google Nexus as It’s first device. Being in the race of the best Company of the year it has lead to the production of  Google home smart speakers, Google pixel line of smartphones etc.

Google has always been prominent and has different marketing strategies with which it has taken all the attention of media by being on the headlines. Currently Sundar pichai is serving as the chief executive officer (CEO) of the Google. Under whom the company has achieved heights by receiving various awards and honours. It has been awarded with the Best Company for Diversity, Best Company for Cultures, Best Company for Perks & Conditions, best professional development, Best leadership teams etc.

Google has raised and set a new bar for the start-ups and Companies to cross and reach. It has been a long and smart approach of the Company, business development and marketing strategies with which it has transformed itself form a start-up to the Best Company of the year.

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