Globally recognized Professions


Profession is a very vast and necessary discussion of today’s generation. By the time, Professions have its own huge impact on youth. Everyone desires to achieve heights with their talent within the field they are interested in and want to pursue it as their career.

When we talk about profession most of us wants to be a Doctor, Engineer, Lawyer etc. But does we have ever thought about the fact that “why most of the peoples in today’s world are looking forward for these fields as their Profession?” This is not only because of the importance of these career in our day to day life but as well as most significantly all of these are Globally recognized professions.


Globally recognized professions means those professions which are world wide popular and have equal impact and importance in every corner of the world.

Careers as Opportunity:

We have Doctor, Lawyer, Engineer, Teacher, Police Officer, Nurse, Accountant, Government Manager,Consultant as Globally well known Professions with an average rank of more than 7.

Doctor as a profession have topped the list since past many years. It has its own influence with lots of importance in every country and as an effect, millions of people all around the world wants to be a Doctor by Profession. This is majorly because of its demand, respect and salary also. Doctor is the highest paid occupation with an average rank of 11.6 all around the world.

Lawyer is one of the most respected and well known career in many of the countries. It is considered as one of the powerful job in many countries because of the connections that they develop and qualities that the Lawyer have.

When we come to Engineer we have many of its field such as mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, computer science engineering, Civil engineering and many more. Its income and demand keeps on changing according to the field of engineering all over the word depending upon the requirements of a country.

In today’s World there is a huge demand of skilled Teachers with knowledge in many countries, professional qualified teachers are major requirement nowadays.

All the Professions are chosen deliberately by the graduates on the basis of their interests and skills that they have. These profession are at the top of Globally recognized Professions since long time. “Do you know why?” Mainly because of the impact that all of these career have developed. Technologies are getting better and advanced day by day. Instead, it is assumed that robots are going to be the future of today’s world .

The World Economic Forum’s Future of jobs also stated that more than 50 % of the world will be taken over by the technology in future very soon, it is also assumed that most of the companies will run by the robots and machines.

Looking forward for the betterment the of world , all of these Professions have their own influence Globally according to its requirements and advancement of technologies.

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