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Freshers party is one of the most awaited events of any college. Although they may sound quite similar, formal and informal freshers are extremely different. The composition, arrangement, atmosphere as well as the crowd of both these events are very divergent.

Let’s start with the formal freshers. Now each department has its own freshers party apart from the combined one organised by the entire college. The formal freshers takes place somewhere within the college, most likely an auditorium. One of the main things which distinguishes formal freshers from an informal one is that it is accompanied by the teachers. Presence of teachers means that everything takes place in a systematic and formal manner. Alcohol and chaos is absent. Basic formal freshers consist of various performances and talent hunt by the freshers, followed by lunch. Mr and Mrs freshers are chosen on the basis of the talent hunt.

Informal freshers is filled with adventure and loud music. It is mostly held in some pub or a restaurant. People dance and play games. Alcohol is mostly present. With the absence of any authority, there is ample amusement for all. A wide variety of food is served. A minimal amount is to be paid for the informal freshers whereas no such payment has to be made for the formal freshers party.