Fake Documents Submitted By Newly Elected President of DUSU, Says NSUI

Ankiv Baisoya of RSS-affiliated ABVP, few days ago was elected as the president of DUSU is now accused of submitting fake documents to gain admission in Delhi University by NSUI.

However, The Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad denied the accusation by saying that, the varsity allowed Ankiv’s admission after verifying the documents that were submitted by him during admissions.

NSUI stated that the BA certificate submitted by Ankiv from Thiruvalluvar University to get admission in MA (Buddhist Studies) was fake. Also, they released a letter from the said university that was sent in response to a communication from student’s body.

According to NSUI, Thiruvalluvar University clearly refused on having a student of such name and the serial number of the marksheet provided by Ankiv is not on their record.

ABVP is clear words claimed the NSUI allegation as a propaganda. Also, they said that, Delhi University have all the rights to verify documents of not just Ankiv but anyone who applies to get admission in here, so they should stop with the rumors.

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