The decision of signing an MoU has been delayed by the DU’s Executive.
Council amongst the University ,HRD Ministry and the UGC over funds   even after extensive deliberations , debate and discussions.

The debatable issue including whether the university should sign the Mou to continue receiving the funding from University Grants Commission (UGC) was delayed for the next meeting .

Starting on Thursday, the discussions lasted till late 3 am on Friday . It started again 12 hours later but adjourned again at 3 am on Saturday as reported by an EC member . It will supposedly meet again on October 3 . The draft is shared by the UGC and a committee of EC was formed to examine it . It has been alleged that the draft might have been shared to the EC members before meeting .

The issues that have been covered included the conflict between Dual Singh College’s principal and it’s governing body , the lack of facilities at Delhi School of Journalism , the issue of NSIT which was earlier under Delhi university but now working as Netaji Subhash University of Technology .

An assistant registrar was also found by the EC, accused of sexual harassment by an employee working at a lower rank and asked him to write an apology. The sub committee decision was opposed by the council and declared that he will be transferred to some other department after he submits the apology .

The negligence of the problems of ad hoc teachers was also taken up, including not giving them maternity leaves and some non teaching staff and retired teaching staff not given pension was also raised as an issue .

This issues will most probably be taken up in the meeting scheduled in October . Delhi school of journalism had two contractual teachers for 258 students and they weren’t provided adequate facilities . Students of DSJ have been going on protests and doing hunger strike . The high fees was also questioned by the EC members since this institute is self financed and was started last year .

EC also asked Vice Chancellor regarding the issue where governing body chairman told IS Bakshi to go on a long leave . Vice chancellor was also questioned whether governing body had enough power to suspend classes , call bouncers to prevent entry of those who protested including students and children . They were told that a meeting had been held and this issue will be solved soon .

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