New Delhi, 15 september, 2018

Electronic voting machines(EVM’S) were used for Delhi University’s DUSU elections.

As we all are aware that EVM are only used by the government, no one can privately manufacture , rent or sell EVM’s for any cause . Rather a documented permission is to be taken by election commission otherwise it is taken to be a criminal offence.

Mr. Arvind Kejriwal ( chief minister) tweeted the same . Even the office of chief electoral officer issued  a statement that no machine were issued to DU for DUSU elections , and nor state election commission gave them too . But then how EVM’s were used in DUSU elections of DU. The ABVP won 3 out of 4 seats in the elections whereas NSUI won only one seat. Third place was taken place by Aam Admi party affiliated CYSS, which fought an alliance with ASIA  .

As it is conformed that DU procured the EVM’s  from some private source . A detailed report on the issue will be sent as soon as possible as all officials of DU are busy in elections processes.

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