Estrategia: The Case Study Cell and NEEV: The Training and Development Cell of Jesus and Mary College Organizing a Live Workshop on Guesstimates by Mr Abhishek Gaurav

Guesstimates are very important skills and an integral part of any case study competition. They are a combination of guesswork and estimates and involve a lot of expertise on different subjects. They are a play of guesswork, linked to relevant facts. They are an inevitable skill and require certain competencies. Guesstimates are really enjoyed by people who have a nag for problem-solving skills and solving things by understanding and estimating various things.


Estrategia: The Case Study Cell of JMC in collaboration with NEEV, The Training and Development Cell of JMC is conducting a live workshop on guesstimates which aims to answer all your queries and inculcate in you all the skills that one may require to solve it. It will help you learn these skills along with the speaker and put them to use later in life.


Mr. Abhishek Gaurav will be the speaker of the session who will share all the knowledge he possesses related to guesstimates.


About The Speaker:


He is currently working in the corporate strategy department at TE Connectivity. He devises global strategy and business development.

He has worked at leading companies like Accenture, Boston Consulting Group, PwC, and Deutsche Bank in the past.

He is an alumna of leading B-schools like IIM-B and IIT-K.

He has won various case competitions at the college level and possesses a great amount of knowledge on the subject.


The webinar will be held on 28th August 2021. It is open to all college students.


This would be the perfect opportunity for one to learn more about case solving and its process. A speaker session like this can hold immense value and motivate one to achieve milestones in their journey of case solving. This is a necessary skill in today’s time and with the proper guidance and mentorship, one will get one step closer to their consulting journey as they will be ready for case-based interviews in top consulting firms.


It will be a short 1-hour training session so that one can enhance their skill set and kick-start their careers under your mentorship. It would be followed by a Question and Answer round.


D2C Link for Registration:

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