DUTA Protest : No salaries for months, teachers protest against AAP


Delhi university Teachers Association (DUTA) along with teaching staff on Friday protested against the Aam Aadmi Party-led state government delaying release of grants to colleges. Teachers salaries are delayed since May, 2020.

The protest gathered hundred of teachers from teaching and non teaching staff in Mandi House. Out of 28 funded colleges of Delhi University by Delhi Govt, 12 are yet to receive sanction. This delayed the salaries of teachers. “I have ran out of people who will agree to lend me some money,” a teacher said.

We express our solidarity with agitating employees under the leadership of DUCKU over the withholding of grants of 12 Delhi Govt (100% funded) colleges. Tyagi Administration has become totally insensitive to the pains and sufferings of the employees who are without any salary for last 4 months.

Instead of listening them, they preferred autocratic method of using force. It is time for our leadership to shed velvet glove approach to Tyagi Administration. DUTA must take cognisance of police action taken on our DUCKU colleagues on behest of the Proctor. The appointment of the Proctor is in violation of DU Rules and regulations. DUTA must write to the Visitor. DU Administration is behaving in चोरी और सीना जोरी mode. The Employees are not getting salary and when they go to protest, brute force is unleashed on them.

Rajesh Jha, AAD

“It is unfortunate that inordinate delay in grants and the ongoing crisis is destabilising these units (the 12 colleges),”

DUTA statement
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