On Wednesday the Delhi University Teacher’s Association (DUTA) held a ‘black flag’ demonstration to protest against the lack of intervention of the administration in a case of alleged harassment of physical education teachers at two of its colleges.

Two associate professors of the Vivekanand and Shyamlal (E) College have received letters from the principals of these colleges informing them that they would be retiring at the age of 62 instead of 65. By not intervening in the matter, the University has failed to protect its own resolutions which determined that physical education teachers should be placed on the faculty roster.

It also alleged that the principal of Vivekanand college misrepresented the college governing body’s instruction in the letter, stating that it had directed her to seek “legal opinion”, a claim refuted by members of the body, in a letter to the principal.

The DUTA has demanded the withdrawal of all ‘illegal’ letters along with the resignation of the respective principals. What was even more disappointing was that the Vice Chancellor had refused to meet these officials despite them being seated in front of his office since April 23rd. The officials added that they would intensify their protests with public meetings and relay hunger strikes. starting Thursday.

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