As elections in Delhi University are round the corner, all the parties participating are preparing from their perspectives. The elections are for the post of secretary, joint-secretary, president and vice- president and will take place soon.

As soon as you will enter the campus you will surely see students distributing pamphlets, holding hoardings in their hands and marching as “vote for…..”. cards are being put up on vehicles of students. The parties are promising many things and assuring students for a better year.

Bribing the students they are giving many freebies to students. They are paying all canteen bills of students, conducting movie screenings, picnics, vouchers among students, for they will vote in their favour.

I have personally not attended any such parties being thrown but many of my friends have attended them in god clubs and lounges. Even they are giving free alcohol.
Every participating candidate is doing so, but at last is the choice of the students to cast their vote as every candidate is giving free gifts. Shakti pradarshan rallies are being conducted to show how many students support the candidate.

Free refreshments packets of chips, chocolates, juices are being given to students.
It would incur a large expenditure but the LYNDOH committee states that the maximum election expenditure to be Rs. 5000, of course it would not relate.

I would just like to greet all the candidates with my warm wishes and I hope the most promising candidate will hold the post.

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