Teachers from Delhi University’s Shri Ram College of Commerce have been called to help new entrants in the Reserve Bank of India understand basic micro-economic concepts.

Two-three teachers from the college will go to Mumbai for a five-day programme in April, during which new officers who have joined the RBI cadre will be trained by them in the application of fundamental micro- economic concepts such as demand and supply and market competition. “Since people who are not necessarily economists join the RBI, we were invited for this consultancy programme with them.

It is a big honour as an undergraduate college to be invited by RBI for such a programme,” said SRCC principal Dr Simrit Kaur. RBI recruits come from a variety of academic backgrounds – like MBA, PGDBA, PGPM, PGDM, and postgraduate degrees in economics and commerce. College authorities said this is the first time the institute will work with the government in training its employees

According to Dr Kaur, a similar programme is in the offing with the Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs, for which a Memorandum of Understanding will be signed soon.

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