Delhi university fuuchas

As the classes of Delhi University has begun from July onwards. Freshers are also going through a lot, from adjusting to a new environment and making friends to missing those old days. Amid of all these there is still one thing that keeps them excited and that’s Freshers.

Fuchchas be prepared to witness one of the best moment of your life. There will be alot of things you are surely going to enjoy. Let’s give you an overview of how it’s going to be.

Firstly Music Events, you are surely going to enjoy the ambience of your freshers because who doesn’t loves music and do practice your favorite moves and just rock it there. Follow the rule “dance like nobody is watching you” but this can’t be exactly justified as there will be cameras.
So second thing is Photography, there will be students from your photography society to capture your memorable day. Do wear your best and just pose.

The next thing will be Food, don’t worry you won’t be sent back home feeling hungry. After all you need energy for enjoying the most and for that you’ll get some amazing food too.

Wait, I hope you’re not thinking about your entertainment factor. Don’t worry you won’t get bored in all these, you’ll feel a part of it as next thing is Games and comedy acts, as everybody will be chosen turn by turn to be a part of it and trust me it’s hell lot of fun.

Last but not least is Freshers Title, there will be a talent round and you’ll have to perform the thing you’re best at whether it’s poetry, dancing, singing. After it there will be the interview round and just be honest in that and say what you feel and at last the winner of Mr. and Mrs. Freshers Titile will be announced.

Just don’t miss the chance to be a part of it as that’s going to be one of the best day of your college life. Look your best but choose a comfortable outfit also because you have to rock the stage also.
Good luck Freshers!