Delhi University on Tuesday said that a meeting between the Under-Graduate Curriculum Revision Committee – 2019 (UGCRC) and the Delhi University Teachers’ Association was held to discuss the concerns of the teachers regarding the need to revise the curriculum from the coming academic year.

The university said that it clarified several issues raised and said that it would make the process more participatory as a team of at least 3-8 teachers would work on each course, thereby decentralising the process.

The DUTA said they were reassured by the committee that the university’s best academic practices would not be compromised under any circumstances.

It was clarified in the meeting that the course drafting committees will not comprise of arbitrarily chosen “three best teachers”. Rather, it agreed to the demand for more inclusive committees with a larger representation of teachers.

It was also clarified that the revision of the curriculum under Learning Outcome-based Curricular Framework (LOCF) has been undertaken in light of contemporary requirements, said the university. The DUTA, however, said that there could be no agreement on the contentious LOCF model itself but the university pleaded that it has no authority to reject the model as it has become a compulsory part of the quality parameters set by the UGC and the NAAC.

The DUTA said that it will engage with policy-makers in the MHRD and UGC on the model.

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