One of the new facilities on the Delhi University portal this year is the ‘eligibility check tool’, which will automatically calculate the best-of-four percentage for the colleges after the registration and help them arrive at the cutoff marks.

“This tool will make the work easy for the colleges. Earlier the colleges had to spend time calculating the percentage,” said Sukanta Dutta, officer on special duty, admissions.

DU has also clarified that the portal has no best-of-four calculator for the students. Many applicants have complained that the calculator was giving the ‘worst of four’ percentage. “It is actually showing the marks on pro rata basis,” said Sanjeev Singh, Director, Computer Science Centre. This calculation is done for the boards where the theory-practical component is more than 70:30. According to another official, this conversion during the registration will make it easier for the aspirants to know how much their marks are adding up to. “They can see their converted marks and accordingly go to the college where they meet the cutoff requirement.

Earlier, we used to receive queries from the college over this,” he added.
If the theory component is less than 70%, the candidates will have to separately fill in the marks obtained, the maximum marks for theory and practical, and the total. Several boards like those of Rajasthan and Andhra Pradesh have over-30% practical component.

Internal assessment marks should also not be used for any calculation and the conversion will be done against 90 marks. If any board, such as ISC, doesn’t give the break-up, the applicant will enter zero in both fields, and fill up only the total in the online form