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There was an addition of 6000 seats after the implementation of the Economically Weaker Section (EWS) reservation in the Delhi University.  Despite this, several colleges have went beyond their maximum capacity of admitting students, leading to a severe infrastructural crunch. 

This phenomenon of over-admissions had been existing in the University since the last couple of years, yet this year’s increase was totally unmatched. 

Numerous measures are being taken by the college authorities to accomodate the excess number of students. While some have opened new academic blocks, others have converted seminar halls into classrooms. New furniture and equipments were bought to meet the requirements. 

The planning and functioning of most colleges have gone haywire due to this. Principals have blamed these over-admissions to the system of lenient checking in the CBSE Board. If this does not stop, then colleges may have to switch to entrance test-based admissions, which will kick out most of the underprivileged sections from the education system