Students applying for admission at Delhi University this year may be allowed to add courses in their forms even after the cutoffs have been released. Earlier, students used to complain about not being able to add subjects after making the mistake of not filing enough courses. Generally, students are not allowed to edit their forms after they submit it. Every year, several students make requests for adding courses because while filling the form they just select one subject. The students facing trouble either complain or send representations to the university for being allowed to edit their forms. College principals said this problem is mostly with outstation students and the recommendation has been made for them. The admissions committee will soon take a decision on it. A member of this year’s admission committee stated that the proposal has come from a few members, who are principals of colleges. “The proposal is that students should be given an opportunity to add at least one course in their form after cutoffs are released,” the committee member told TOI. “There are many students who get their forms filled at cyber cafes where they select only a couple of courses. However, they can add as many courses as possible,” said another admissions committee member.

The committee member added, “Last year, we saw hundreds of students demanding that they be allowed to edit their forms to add another course whose cutoff they had managed to reach. We are discussing the viability of this option.” Pankaj Garg, former admissions committee member, said, “The plan could become a reality. Even last year this proposal had come from colleges, but it was not worked on. Later, when the cutoffs started being released, we saw students asking for a chance to edit their forms. But the DU administration didn’t allow it. This year, since there is time in hand, this option should be given to students.” “At times, students have only one course whose quota they can meet. However, due to lack of knowledge or poor counselling they forget or choose not to include that course in their forms and miss out on getting admission in DU,” Gard added. The principal of Hindu College, Anju Srivastava, said, “This system can help students apply for one more course and give them another chance to get admission in DU. Colleges can manage the extra workload for the benefit of the students.”

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