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If  you  still feel French and Italian to be the choices of the students then you might be wrong. Looking at the number of students enrolling in the foreign language category , seems like Arabic has outnumbered other languages.

Even Zakir Husain College which is the only institute offering degree courses in Arabic has admitted around 40 students for the same. The college plans to increase the number of seats looking at the growing demand of the course.

Students can either choose certificate or diploma courses in Arabic at St. Stephen’s college or opt for the BA (Hons) Arabic and BA (Prog) Arabic at the Zakir Husain Delhi college.

 Students can also apply for  a one year certificate, diploma and an advanced diploma in Modern Arabic as well as BA (Hons), MA, MPhil and PhD in Arabic offered by The Department of Arabic at Arts Faculty, North Campus

The primary reason for such an increase in the demand is mainly due to the growing job opportunities in medical tourism and middle-east countries says Md Obaidullah , assistant professor at the Arabic department, Zakir Husain college.

“Since Arabic is the first language in 20 countries and is one of the six official languages at the UN, students are getting inclined towards it. Those seeking jobs in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, UAE consider learning Arabic.”

According to him, Hospital tourism in India is dominated by patients from Arab countries. There is a huge demand for translators and guides to communicate with the patients. Even well known companies like UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, CBI,  AIR , Central Monitoring Service (CMS) are offering jobs to such students.  

He also confirmed that the number of admissions in this particular foreign language course has seen a rise as there were almost 49 students enrolled in the first year in 2018 and this year the college is expecting 70 new admissions.