Molestation and harassment are those notorious twin sisters that nobody wants to talk about. People have been unwilling to open up that can of worms but recently got spoken about very limpidly, so much so, that an avalanche of #MeToo came pouring down on social media with stories of women being harassed or molested. On Tuesday, within a week after a molestation incident involving a Delhi University student on DTC bus route 544 came to light, the Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) announced a morning and evening “ladies special bus service”.

Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) MLA Saurabh Bharadwaj called upon an urgent meeting with the DTC, Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC), Delhi police and the transport department regarding the complaints on eve-teasing along the route of Kamla Nehru and Gargi college.

The print, on October 3, proclaimed about a heart – rending story of a 19-year-old psychology student of Kamala Nehru College. How she was “molested” on a DTC bus seven times on route 544 within three months.

A woman stated that molestation on route 544 has been happening since 1985.
Bharadwaj, the MLA from Greater Kailash constituency, stated that there have been a collective complaint by all the girls regarding the “eve-teasing around the campus.”
He said that girls from three colleges – Kamla Nehru, Gargi, and Jija Bai Polytechnic – said that they face eve-teasing around the campus, on the roads and in the buses.”
He claimed that the snakes in the grass slither around the campus in their cars and sometimes,

He said people roam around the campuses in their cars and sometimes, on the pretense of asking for an address, they call the girls and “do something nasty”, resulting which the girls would run away. “The cars then follow the girls,” he said.
He also added that the girls pointed out that although the police had put barricades in the vicinity, they (the police) ignored all this.”

A demanded for a Metro feeder bus, that would run on the route, was made by the girls.
Bharadwaj explained that after talking to the stakeholders, it was discovered that a Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) feeder bus service called ML-74 was supposed to ply through the route, but the bus has been breaching its route and has been traveling through another route which is visible in DMRC’s GPS systems.

Following the demands of the students, a metro feeder bus service will run on route 544. The Delhi Transport Authority gave their word to take concrete actions against the bus marshals for the negligence.

Route 544 will excurse from R.K. Puram, through AIIMS and the Siri Fort Road till its terminal point at Badarpur border. It will stop at an eminent all-girl college such as Gargi and Kamala Nehru on its way.

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