On the grounds of developing demands for the reopening of the campus, Delhi University Vice-Chancellor Yogesh Singh on 26 October 2021, said that a choice will be taken after Diwali after consideration. As there is a dread of repeat of COVID-19 cases, Singh mentioned the requirement of strict protocols. Likewise, he added that in a new gathering of educators and directors, he had proposed expanding the circumstance of schools by several hours to oblige the additional number of understudies conceded and to abstain from congestion.


To create a pressure on the #reopenDU subject, Individuals from the Left-partnered All India Students’ Association (AISA) and other understudy bodies are on a craving strike to press for their interest in resuming the grounds for students.


On the second day of the strike, students raised slogans against the pro-corporate methods of the education establishment. “An all out attack on corporatisation must take place and the students, farmer and workers will continue to lead the way,” said Jasbir Natt, leader of the farmer movement at Tikri Border addressing the students.


Professor Nandita Narain, former DU Teachers’ Association president, spoke about the pitfalls of online education. “Our students, the thinking minds of our country, are being converted into cheap labour for corporates. This plot of the government must be resisted,” she said.


The students have decided to continue the hunger strike and shall assemble at the Arts Faculty. Earlier, they had decided to hold a 48-hour hunger strike but on Tuesday decided to continue it till they get an assurance from the administration on reopening of the campus.


As per reports, Yogesh Singh stated that, “We will decide after Diwali. There is a fear that Covid might recur. If the situation remains fine, we will think.” The vice-chancellor also revealed that there are plans to increase college timings by a couple of hours. The suggestion was proposed at a recent meeting of principals and teachers.


He said, “Delhi University already has some evening colleges. We can increase the timing of the existing colleges by a couple of hours, which could lead to the addition of more sections. This can help in adjusting the extra seats created and the EWS seats. This will be better than opening new colleges.” Further he added, “In Delhi Technological University (where Singh was the VC earlier), we had kept the timings from 8 am to 6 pm, which was helpful. In case it is done, the staff will come in a staggered manner and the teachers who have classes in the latter half of the day can come late. This was a suggestion in case colleges want to do it.”


Singh will encourage adaptability, and try not to overcrowd the University during the hour of a pandemic. Also, the timings of regulatory staff will be from 9 am to 5 pm.

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