Delhi University Teacher’s not allowed to protest on Non-payment of Sallary


It is quite ironical that the governments (both the centre and the state) are conducting formal programmes on Teachers day and not allowing the teachers to protest on non-payment of 5 months salary.

The teachers have been forced to undertake peaceful action-programmes in this pandemic situation when their basic right of salary is not respected.

Today’s detention of the teachers by the Police, when they assembled at Arts Faculty Gate to protest on this non-payment of salary, can not be justified by any yardstick.

The teachers of Delhi University has always demanded these two things:

  1. The rules and regulations for GB formation must be observed.
  2. GB formation must not be linked with funding.

But the violations of these two above-mentioned principles has created a deadlock and the teachers and the employees have been suffering for last five moths without any fault of their own. The developmental work and the affairs related to the students are getting adversely affected.

We demand from the Delhi Govt to release the salary immediately.

Press Secretary
Richa Raj/SBN Tiwary/Ashok/Rajesh Jha

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