The students of Mathematics Department of Delhi University have been protesting against the university administration for almost a month now, for failing 35 out of the 40 students in the semester examination of M.A. and M. Sc. They have been boycotting the classes and are sitting on an indefinite strike since 14th February.

In order to get some attention from the authorities, the students organised a protest demonstration in front of the Vice Chancellor’s office. The police prevented them from entering the premises. Students accused the cops of manhandling them.

When the students found out that majority of them had flunked in atleast one subject, and if passed, scored very less, they were all left speechless. After comparing their marks to other students, they were sure that there was something wrong with the evaluation system.

Apart from the unfair evaluation of the papers, the students have also alleged that several candidates were marked absent despite being present on the day of the exam, and several others were marked present and even cleared the examination even though they were not present.

This clearly shows the lacunae on the administration’s side. Despite several attempts of conducting a pragmatic dialogue with the authorities, these students have been ignored and rejected. This forced them to come out on the streets and March, so that they would finally be taken seriously. Their attempts of this March too were blocked. They were locked inside the department building and were allegedly manhandled and assaulted by the security guards.

The students of other departments of Delhi University have also extended their support to the protesters along with several other students organisations.

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